hi, hello there


Graphic Design. Creative Direction.

Adventures. Science Fiction.

Oh, and cats.


If there is one thing I don't like to talk about, it's myself. But here we go...

I am a visual storyteller interested in human-centered, socially responsible design. I live for projects where I can think beyond 'deliverables' and explore impact. I specialize in creative direction, graphic design, and branding. During my seven years of in-house and agency experience, I have focused on marketing, print design, web design, and brand development. Full disclosure: I have found that print and publishing are a passion of mine, and I love finding ways to incorporate physical artifacts into projects.

I am constantly growing my knowledge and skill base both professionally and in my day-to-day home life. I am sometimes maybe a little too proactive. I am both detail-oriented and constantly thinking about the bigger picture. I continue to challenge myself to improve skills, processes, and efficiencies.

I am not a real person in the mornings until I've had a cup of coffee (or two). I like to describe myself as a creative introvert. I am an INFJ to the core. My favorite genre is science fiction. My plant-parenting skills leave something to be desired, but my cat-parenting is pretty darn good. I am a weirdo, and I have given up trying to hide that about myself. I know who I am and I'm proud of where life has brought me so far.

Interested in working with me? Feel free to reach out.

Here's a high-level view of my past (design) experiences.

Please contact me for a more detailed C/V.


INDIGO SLATE   |   Senior Designer
Bellevue, Washington
May 2017–Present

Anywhere, Planet Earth
January 2013–Present

GUERRERO HOWE   |   Graphic Designer
Chicago, Illinois
November 2014–July 2016

LPK   |   Digital Designer
Cincinnati, Ohio
September 2013–November 2014

APPLE   |   Graphic Design Intern
Cupertino, California
March 2012–December 2012

LPK   |   Graphic Design Intern
Cincinnati, Ohio
September 2011–December 2011

PERKINS + WILL   |   Graphic Design Intern
Chicago, Illinois
March 2011–June 2011

GREAT AMERICAN INSURANCE   |   Graphic Design Intern
Cincinnati, Ohio
March 2010–December 2010


College of Design, Architecture, Art & Planning
BS Graphic Design, Cum Laude

Brand Strategy / Design
Brand Development
Corporate Identity
Creative Direction
Marketing Strategy / Design
Print Design
Publication Design
Proofing (copy & design)
User Experience
User Interface

After Effects, Digital Publishing Suite, Illustrator, InDesign, InCopy, Lightroom, Muse, Photoshop

Copywriting, Copy Editing, Digital Photography, Figma, FileMaker Pro, Google Analytics, InVision, MailChimp, Marvel, Sketch, Wordpress



Read more essays & poetry
Listen to NPR on commute
Drink enough water
Regularly exercise
Remember to water plants


AIGA member & volunteer
Creative Mornings enthusiast
Contributing member of the ACLU, Human Rights Campaign, & NPR