a bit about me…


I am a visual storyteller interested in human-centered, socially responsible design. I live for projects where I can think beyond 'deliverables' and explore impact. I specialize in art direction, graphic design, and branding. During my seven years of in-house and agency experience, I have focused on marketing, print design, web design, and brand development.

I am constantly growing my knowledge and skill base both professionally and in my day-to-day home life. I am sometimes maybe a little too proactive. I am both detail-oriented and constantly thinking about the bigger picture. I continue to challenge myself to improve my skills, learn new tools, and continue to grow into a well-rounded creative.

I am not a real person in the mornings until I've had a cup of coffee (or two). I like to describe myself as a creative introvert. I am an INFJ to the core. My favorite genre is science fiction. My plant-parenting skills are a work-in-progress, but my cat-parenting is pretty darn good.

Interested in working with me? Feel free to reach out.



My résumé is available here. A more detailed C/V is available upon request.